leader of the Black
Disciples David Barksdale

executing its eleven
year old member Yummy

African American street
gang based in Chicago

GD symbol used in
graffiti and for tattoos

Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009

Black Gangster Disciple Nation

The Black Gangster Disciples began as the Devil's Disciples in the 1950s in Englewood. In From Gangster Disciple to The Blueprint: Growth & Development, the BGD explain their history in their own words.

David Barksdale was the most important leader of the Devils' Disciples and after his death, Shorty Freeman would run the Black Disciples. Larry Hoover, who headed his own group, "The Family," eventually united with the Black Disciples and others and in the 1970s became the Black Gangster Disciple Nation.

In the 1980s, Hoover proclaimed a "new concept" of organizing the BGDN on corporate lines and became the "Chariman of the Board." He stressed education, economic development and political involvement, and eventually renamed the Black Gangsters "Growth and Development." Gator Bradley's 1994 run for Third Ward alderman, chronicled for gangresearch.net by Greg Donaldson, was organized by Twenty-First Century VOTE, a vehicle for gang political involvement firmly in the Chicago tradition.

Currently, Hoover is in maximum security and federal indictments have incacerated large numbers of Gangster Disciple leaders. A war between the Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples continues although both gangs are influential in their southside neighborhoods.

The Gangster Disciples continue to be a major force within Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and other states prison systems.

"Los Gangster Disciples Negro empezó como discípulos del Diablo en la década de 1950 en Englewood. En De Gangster Disciple a The Blueprint: Crecimiento y Desarrollo, la BGD explicar su historia en sus propias palabras.

David Barksdale fue el líder más importante de los Diablos "Discípulos y después de su muerte, Shorty Freeman correría el Discípulos Negro. Larry Hoover, quien dirigió su propio grupo, "La Familia", finalmente unidos con los discípulos Negro y otros, y en la década de 1970 se convirtió en el Negro Gangster Disciple Nación.

En la década de 1980, Hoover proclamó un "nuevo concepto" de la organización de la BGDN en las líneas de las empresas y se convirtió en el "Presidente de la Junta." Hizo hincapié en la educación, el desarrollo económico y participación política, y renombraron el Gangsters Negro "Crecimiento y Desarrollo". 1994 Gator Bradley plazo para el Tercer regidor Ward, una crónica para gangresearch.net por Greg Donaldson, fue organizado por Siglo XXI voto, un vehículo para la participación en pandillas político firmemente en la tradición de Chicago.

En la actualidad, Hoover se encuentra en máxima seguridad y las acusaciones federales han incacerated un gran número de líderes Gangster Disciple. Una guerra entre los discípulos y Gangster Disciples Negro continúa aunque ambas bandas son influyentes en sus vecindarios Southside.

Los Gangster Disciples seguir siendo una fuerza importante en Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana y otros estados de los sistemas penitenciarios."

"Les Disciples Gangster Black a commencé comme disciples du diable dans les années 1950 à Englewood. In From Gangster Disciple de The Blueprint: Croissance et développement, de la BGD expliquer leur histoire dans leurs propres mots.

David Barksdale a été le leader le plus important des Disciples des Devils et après sa mort, Shorty Freeman courrait le Disciples Noire. Larry Hoover, qui a dirigé son propre groupe, "The Family", finalement unis avec les disciples en noir et autres et dans les années 1970 est devenu le Black Gangster Disciple Nation.

Dans les années 1980, Hoover a proclamé un «nouveau concept» de l'organisation de la BGDN sur les lignes d'entreprise et est devenu le "président du conseil d'administration." Il a insisté sur l'éducation, le développement économique et la participation politique, et éventuellement rebaptisée Gangsters Black "Croissance et Développement». Gator Bradley's 1994 courir pour une troisième échevin Ward, la chronique de gangresearch.net par Greg Donaldson, a été organisé par Twenty-First Century vote, un véhicule pour la participation aux gangs politique résolument dans la tradition de Chicago.

Actuellement, Hoover est à sécurité maximale et des inculpations fédérales ont incacerated grand nombre de dirigeants Gangster Disciple. Une guerre entre les disciples et les disciples Black Gangster continue bien que les deux bandes sont influents dans leurs quartiers côté sud.

Les Disciples Gangster continuer à être une force majeure dans l'Illinois, le Wisconsin, l'Indiana et d'autres systèmes que les États prison."

Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

Gangster Disciple : F.O.L.K.S. come from Gangster Disciple

One gangster again is F.O.L.K.S. The time has come for an organization to rise above the rest. An organization of radicals willing to fight for their cause. A F.O.L.K.S. nation. We have come a long way to reach this point. We have come from the Gangster Disciple to the Growth and Development Nation. It is time my Brothers and Sisters of the Struggle. The World has Blown! May our love for this nation help keep us strong. Our loyalty to each other and this nation will never die. Together with the help of King Larry Hoover "we" will never die. I am what Iam and what I am not I will never be. GD FOLKS FOR LIFE. see more about this gang at F.O.L.K.S

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1. LOVE: Love of the Nation is greater than mere love alone, because we have a brotherhood in which love is as deep as the deep blue sea. TRUE BLUE LOVE.
2. LIFE: Life commitment to the Nation for the betterment of ourselves as well as the Nation and each committed brother within the Nation, and our Nation's teachings, laws, creeds, symbols, philosophy and defense.
3. LOYALTY: To yourself, and each committed brother of our Nation.
4. UNITY: Collectively embraces all concepts, ideas, and actions that apply to our Nation. Togetherness is essential in order for us to continue our survival.
5. KNOWLEDGE: Is insight, therefore it is priceless, it gives one the ability to apply rational judgment. Knowledge is the ability to have a conscious awareness, and knowledge gained and not passed along is wasted knowledge.
6. UNDERSTANDING: Shows that we are able to communicate effectively, bringing about agreements, and a positive state of mind.

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There may be as many as 300 "sets" of the BDs throughout the Chicagoland area. Each "set" typically has 30 to 40 members. It is identical in the format of its organizational structure. Each "set" is actually called a "dynasty" in the language of the BDs, and refers to a specific section of the BD organization. In each set or dynasty of the BDs, the lowest ranking members are soldiers or representatives. The permanent leadership ranks include: Minister, Assistant Co-Minister, and the Demetrius. One rank above the ordinary members is the "First Demetrius". One rank above the First Demetrius is the "Assistant Co-Minister". Above this in each set is the "Minister". All sets revere "King David" at the head of their organization, even though "King David" is dead. The living top boss of this mob is "King Shorty", also known as the "crowned king" (Jerome Freeman).

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